Election Contests and Ballot Measures

November 2004 General Election


Note: Candidate pictures are the most current we have on file. Because this is a past election, they may not show a candidate’s likeness at the time of the election and some of the links to websites, emails, and social media may be broken.

The November 2006 Election Information will be presented as soon as it is provided to us by the State Board of Elections

US President & Vice President (Arizona)
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Michael Badnarik - L
Richard Campagna - L
George W. Bush - R
Richard B. "Dick" Cheney - R
David Keith Cobb - G
John Kerry - D
John Edwards - D
Ralph Nader - I
Peter Miguel Camejo - REF
US Senate
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Ernest Hancock - L
Jon Kyl - R
John McCain - R
Stuart M. Starky - D
US House of Representatives
U.S. Representative In Congress District No. 1
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Paul Babbitt - D
John Crockett - L
Rick Renzi - R
U.S. Representative In Congress District No. 2
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Randy Camacho - D
William Crum - G
Trent Franks - R
Powell Gammill - L
U.S. Representative In Congress District No. 3
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John Shadegg - R
Mark Yannone - L
U.S. Representative In Congress District No. 4
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Gary Fallon - L
Don Karg - R
Ed Pastor - D
U.S. Representative In Congress District No. 5
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J.D. Hayworth - R
Michael Kielsky - L
Elizabeth Rogers - D
U.S. Representative In Congress District No. 6
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Jeff Flake - R
Craig Stritar - L
U.S. Representative In Congress District No. 7
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Raul M. Grijalva - D
Dave Kaplan - L
Joseph Sweeney - R
U.S. Representative In Congress District No. 8
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Robert Anderson - L
Eva Bacal - D
Jim Kolbe - R
Janet Napolitano - D
Arizona Senate
State Senator District 1
Ken Bennett - R
State Senator District 2
Albert Hale - D
State Senator District 3
State Senator District 4
State Senator District 5
State Senator District 6
Dean Martin - R
State Senator District 7
State Senator District 8
State Senator District 9
Robert "Bob" Burns - R
State Senator District 10
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Linda Gray - R
Jim P. Weiers - R
State Senator District 11
Barbara Leff - R
State Senator District 12
State Senator District 13
Richard Miranda - D
State Senator District 14
State Senator District 15
State Senator District 16
State Senator District 17
Harry E. Mitchell - D
State Senator District 18
State Senator District 19
State Senator District 20
Compare the candidates
John F. Huppenthal - R
Slade Mead - D
State Senator District 21
State Senator District 22
Thayer Verschoor - R
State Senator District 23
State Senator District 24
State Senator District 25
State Senator District 26
State Senator District 27
Jorge Luis Garcia - D
State Senator District 28
Gabrielle Giffords - D
State Senator District 29
State Senator District 30
Arizona House
State Representative District 1
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Lucy Mason - R
Tom O'Halleran - D
State Representative District 2
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Jack C. Jackson, Jr. - D
Ann Kirkpatrick - D
Sylvia Laughter
Albert Tom - D
State Representative District 3
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Trish Groe - R
Joe Hart - R
Nancy Mclain - R
Bill Wagner, III
State Representative District 4
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Tom Boone - R
Judy M. Burges - R
Carole Hubbs
State Representative District 5
Compare the candidates
Jack A. Brown - D
Jake L. Flake - R
Bill Konopnicki - R
State Representative District 6
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Ted Carpenter - R
Pamela Gorman - R
Clancy Jayne
State Representative District 7
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John Allen - R
Ray Barnes - R
David Burnell Smith - R
State Representative District 8
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Michele Reagan - R
Colette Rosati - R
State Representative District 9
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Philip J. Hanson
Rick Murphy - R
Bob Stump - R
State Representative District 10
Compare the candidates
Linda Gray - R
Doug Q. Quelland - I
Jim P. Weiers - R
State Representative District 11
State Representative District 12
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Bill Arnold
John B. Nelson - R
Jerry Weiers - R
State Representative District 13
Compare the candidates
Steve Gallardo - D
Martha Garcia - D
John A. Loredo
State Representative District 14
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Debbie McCune Davis - D
Robert Meza - D
State Representative District 15
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Ken Clark - D
David Lujan - D
Kyrsten Sinema - D
Wally Straughn
State Representative District 16
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Leah Landrum Taylor - D
Ben R. Miranda - D
State Representative District 17
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Meg Burton-Cahill - D
Meg Burton Cahill
Laura Knaperek - R
Mark Thompson - R
State Representative District 18
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Mark Anderson - R
Karen S. Johnson - R
Russell K. Pearce - R
State Representative District 19
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Chuck Gray - R
Gary L. Pierce - R
State Representative District 20
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John F. Huppenthal - R
John McComish - R
Bob Robson - R
State Representative District 21
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Warde V. Nichols - R
Steve Yarbrough - R
State Representative District 22
Compare the candidates
Andy Biggs - R
Eddie Farnsworth - R
State Representative District 23
State Representative District 24
Compare the candidates
Amanda Aguirre - D
Jim R. Carruthers
Russ Jones - R
State Representative District 25
Compare the candidates
Manuel V. "Manny" Alvarez - D
Jennifer J. Burns - R
State Representative District 26
State Representative District 27
Compare the candidates
Olivia Cajero Bedford - D
Phil Lopes - D
State Representative District 28
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David Bradley - D
Ted Downing - D
State Representative District 29
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Linda Lopez - D
Tom Prezelski - D
State Representative District 30
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Randy Graf - R
Marian A. Mcclure - R
Jonathan Paton - R
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